Monday, May 08, 2006


In our Student Ministries [CrossRoad Ministries] we have small care groups called LIFE GROUPS. Now don’t be mistaken these are not Bible studies or book studies, they are cell groups where students come together to join their lives in deep community. Each LIFE Group is facilitated and led by a LIFE COACH, which Danielle is one. She has a group of 12 girls that show up to our small apartment on Arrowhead Dr. for a LIFE GROUP, and each week is different, sometimes it is creating an intimacy map, or reflecting on a different Fruit of the Spirit [Gal. 5] or tackling life issuse and sharing burdens or victories with each other. Either way, I only catch a glimpse of it, because the group really cares about each other, so they hold tight to the policy what is said in the group stays in the group. However….
This past Monday, Danielle asked me to get the tarp out of the garage because she was going to be doing some tie-dyeing….IN THE HOUSE!!! Let’s just say, I was really nervous but also very proud. You see Danielle is an awesome LIFE Coach. She totally knows what it means to coach students to become the Christians God has created them to be. Here is what our LIFE Coaches committed to be in the lives of students…

___Through healthy adult relationships between students and adult LIFE COACHES we hope to encourage students in their daily spiritual journey from adolescence to early adult hood. Encouraging them in their unique S.H.A.P.E. and personal call on their life.

Providing students with the tools to…
___REACH OUT to their friends and family in evangelism and servant leadership.
___REACH IN with specific elements of the Christian LIFE: DO – KNOW -- BE
___REACH UP with a heart of worship in all that we do.

___To offer creatively designed programming focused on providing students with opportunities to use their gifts to serve to the Lord in their world.
___To provide literature, web content, and music that will strengthen and excel their spiritual growth.
___To Provide a place specifically designed for their generation to gather together in a family style atmosphere that gives acceptance, comfort, and challenge in their spiritual growth.

Well, our LIFE Groups are going to be something we miss a great deal about CrossRoad Ministries. but the philosophy and desire for deep community is something we will always strive for. And if you were wondering, after the night, Danielle said tie-dyeing in the house, was really scary, and decided it was a once in a life time fun thing to do. But probably would not attempt it again unless it were outdoors!

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SuperBecca said...

It wasn't that bad!!! And we did an amazing job, hehe. How you like those tye-dyed underwear? :) Muahahahaha.